His Hands

Have you ever sat back and watch how a toddler explores the world? Have you ever thought, what goes through their little minds when they experience the feeling of grass for the first time or sand between their toes?

When my children were just toddlers, they would occasionally climb up into their daddy’s lap as he sat in his recliner. He worked many hours back in those days, so they didn’t get the chance to do this too often.

Once situated comfortably, they would reach for his hands and hold them in theirs. Not saying too much, they would study his hands, looking down at how big and strong his fingers were compared to theirs. I thought to myself; Do they understand how much work those hands do to provide for them?

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I was thought of.

I think of myself as an adventurous person even though I am a small-town gal. I don’t have a problem going on road trips to new places by myself [or even with my little brother]. Though I do admit, I don’t like driving after dark in unknown areas.

I look forward to traveling to new parts of the United States this year, as well as another country. The people are the most interesting to me. If I could throw out my watch and not have to keep a schedule, I would talk to every person I meet, asking them to tell me something about themselves. In my heart, I feel everybody is my friend. Even in passing along the sidewalk I will say hello, making eye contact with them.

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Giving myself permission

What is that sound? I thought to myself as I tried to figure out where the head of my bed is. Somehow the position of my body was farther down the mattress than normal. Once I figured out where I had to reach, I grabbed at the floor to find my phone to turn off the alarm clock.

Right away, I start with my morning routine. Let the dogs out, get a glass of water and take my vitamins, start the coffee, and then turn the hall light on so not to shock my husband Bob awake [sometimes he turns the hall light on so I can get a few minutes longer in bed].

Getting lost in my thoughts; I think about the discussions at BSSM class the night before. Wanting to finish my reading assignment, that should have been done, I pick up my book to read a few lines before carrying on with my morning list of things. But I then figured I should get Bob’s lunch I place the book down on the countertop and proceed to get his food around. Read more… “Giving myself permission”

All creation awaits; calling out to us in 2019!

Real quick post here:

On my walk outside this morning, I couldn’t believe how clear the air felt. No fidget wind blowing, no cars driving down the road, and even though it is partly cloudy, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude, joy, and excitement. I see the neighbor 1/4 mile down from us [whom I never spoke to before]. He is outside with whom I think is his wife [young child on her hip] looking up at the trees. Perhaps he was sharing with her what limbs he would like to trim to give the trees ‘more life.’

I not too sure if I have been noticed as I start to turn down a side road. I hold up my arm and wave, and they wave back. I shout out “Happy New Year!” and the greeting was returned.

I don’t know why but; Shouting out; “Happy New Year” in the brisk air and hear it bounce off the bear trees shook me. It’s almost liked the trees have the same sort of excitement in them. Then I am reminded of these verses in Romans: 8:18-20 TPT

I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory that is about to be unveiled within us. The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!  For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility resulting from the consequences of human sin.

Creation is calling out to us in 2019! Saying: “Know who you’ve been called to be. Know your what lies dormant inside you. You are sons and daughters of the CREATOR.”

Let us remember; God created with words. I pray that our words in 2019 create beauty. Let us break the bondage that keeps the captives bound, with words rooted from Love [GOD IS LOVE].

It is going to be an amazing year! Even creation feels it, the spirit of God is going to pour out on His people, like never before, on this earth. Wow what glorious things we will experience as the hand of God is moving across the globe!

Look to see, listen to hear, and walk with the authority given to us by Jesus!

Happy New Year my friends!

My first vision in 2018

To be more purposeful in 2018 I decided that my first acts should be different than the years before. So, on this Monday morning instead of getting around for work [had the day off] I decided to go to my quiet spot in the house.

First; I read over my journal pages of the previous year and highlighted those times I was instructed, encouraged, or found comfort at the feet of Jesus. As I listened to worship I felt the need to get on my knees and just thank Jesus for all (ALL) that HE has done. Not only the complete work of the cross, but what Jesus has done in my life personally.

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